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News - ILIL-PW upgrade: new target area and 250 TW upgrade in progress at ILIL - Ultraintense Laser-plasma interaction and laser-plasma acceleration at ILIL -- Doctoral and post-doc positions - Laser wakefield acceleration esperiments now in progress at ILIL - Physics degree theses available now • Recent ILIL publication on PRST-AB explores fast electron transport in metal-insulator target (see publications) • ILIL femtosecond laser upgraded to 30 fs pulse duration and 10 TW maximum power on target CNR Celebrates the 50th anniversary of lasers: "IL LASER Cinquant’anni d’idee luminose" (see Publications) • ILIL to explore biomedical applications of ultrashort laser-accelerated electron bunches - Physics degree theses available - Post doc positions available at ILIL.

The research activity of the Intense Laser Irradiation
Laboratory (ILIL) is focused on fundamental studies of 

high-intensity laser interactions with matter and their
applications . The Laboratory participates to the
European Infrastructures EuPRAXIA and ELI and
is engaged in the experimental programme for
the validation of the European Laser Fusion Energy HiPER.
At ILIL, flexible high-power laser systems and multi-purpose
interaction chambers are combined with the capability
of performing high temporal resolution spectroscopy 

from the IR to the X-ray region. 
Fundamental studies include plasma formation and heating
by laser beams, laser-induced instabilitiesand other
non-linear processes, atomic physics of highly-ionised
plasmas, ultrashort X-ray emission and
acceleration of
charged particles
The Laboratory has well established collaborations with
many leading international High-Power Laser Laboratories
and Facilities, as well as Academic Groups. 

The Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory has a long-term
experience in the training of young scientists through several
schemes  including European Union RT Networks.

(Left: A view of the ILIL-PW upgrade currently in progress at ILIL}

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